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BBC News – US prepares first-strike cyber-forces

BBC News – US prepares first-strike cyber-forces: “”

Cyber-attacks could inflict as much damage on the US as the physical attacks on 11 September 2001, the US defence secretary has warned.

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Cisco cuts ties with Chinese firm accused of reselling gear to Iran | Ars Technica

Cisco cuts ties with Chinese firm accused of reselling gear to Iran | Ars Technica: ”

by Jon Brodkin – Oct 9 2012, 3:30pm EDT
Cisco has ended a sales partnership with ZTE, after the Chinese technology firm was accused of selling Cisco networking equipment to Iran despite US sanctions against the country. Cisco’s decision became public just as a┬áCongressional report yesterday claimed Chinese companies ZTE and Huawei pose a security threat to the US and can’t be trusted to comply with US and international law.

Reuters exposed ZTE’s sales to Iranian telecom firm TCI in articles earlier this year, and reported Cisco’s decision to cut ties with ZTE yesterday. ZTE ‘sold banned computer equipment from Cisco and other US companies to Iran’s largest telecom firm,’ Reuters reported, adding that ‘ZTE also agreed last year to ship”

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Japanese websites are under cyber attack | Cyberwarzone

Japanese websites are under cyber attack | Cyberwarzone: “Skip to main content

The websites of at least 19 Japanese banks, universities and other institutions have come under cyber-attack since Japan nationalized the Senkaku Islands on Sept. 11 despite objections from China and Taiwan, the National Police Agency said Wednesday.

The electronic attacks made accessing the sites temporarily impossible. Some of the attackers also altered content on the sites, the NPA said.

An NPA official said the attacks appear to be originating in China, judging by the fact that more than half of the sites were singled out for attack on the bulletin boards of Chinese”

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