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Cuckoo: Increasing the Power of Malware Behavior Reporting With Signatures | /dev/random

Cuckoo: Increasing the Power of Malware Behavior Reporting With Signatures | /dev/random: “/DEV/RANDOM Can’t sleep, hackers will eat me! About Me About Me PGP Public Key DisclaimerTools twittermon pastemon hoover alerts2afterglow rrhunter ossec2dshield ossec_dashboard known_hosts_bruteforcer syslog2loggly InfoSec Calendar

Cuckoo: Increasing the Power of Malware Behavior Reporting With Signatures

July 27, 2012 Cuckoo, Malware, Security, Software, 0 The new version (0.4) of Cuckoo, the open source  malware analysis system has been released this week. That’s a great news! The list of changes and new features is very impressive. So big that an upgrade is not recommended. In my case, I just installed a brand new Cuckoo instance. It was much easier and save me some nightmares. I still need to upgrade the instance running on my Macbook pro, I hope it will run also very smoothly. Some of the most significant changes are:

Brand new  base code Support for KVM Support for YARA & VirusTotal New post-analysis modules Behavioral signatures The last feature is really what I was expectin”


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Pentagon to recruit Russian hackers | HITBSecNews

Pentagon to recruit Russian hackers | HITBSecNews


The U.S. government has a plan to put the skills of the best hackers in the world to work fighting terrorism and designing security systems for government agencies. John Arquilla, an adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama’s and the man who coined the term “cyberwarfare” told the UK’s Guardian newspaper that the U.S. Defense Department plans to hire about 100 hackers, primarily Russians for the initiative.

Arquilla accused the Pentagon of wasting billions of dollars on “pointless aircraft carriers, tanks and planes at the expense of nimbler, leaner strategy” of spending on experts. He said that as a result the U.S. has fallen behind other superpowers in the global cyber race.

“We intend to set up something like the English Bletchley Park (where the UK ran decryption operations during World War II),” said Arquilla. “We will hire Russians and Asians. They are definitely the best code crackers in the world. I have already established contact with several very influential hackers. I even brought one to meet the CEO of a major company to evaluate the vulnerability of his information systems. He managed to break into the system in just a few minutes.”

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